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Android powers more than half of all existing smartphones in the world today. The massive popularity of this mobile operating system led to great demand for Android applications that support different functionalities.

Businesses can greatly benefit from using or releasing an application for Android devices. But in order for that application to be effective, the users must feel the need to install it in their smart phones. The challenge is in developing Android applications that are not only attractive but also utilize all the advantages that Android is offering.We understand the clients' needs better than anybody. We don't just create mobile apps, we connect business with their clients. Our creative team can help you develop mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry, and other platforms. We offer Open Source and commercial solutions depending on the needs of our clients.

Advantages of Android

  • Based on Open Source Software
  • Installed in more than half of all smartphones today
  • Support for more image, audio, and video file formats
  • Better performance

Concept46 is in the perfect position to meet this challenge. We are using the latest Android SDK and technologies to take advantage of all Android's important features in producing applications that you and your clients will love. Our team of expert developers is always pushing the limits on the latest features of Android devices to develop the best applications, serving apps that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Us?

Tried and Tested Android Apps Development Methodologies

We design, test, and implement your applications by matching them with tried and tested methodologies that the Open Source community is using. The result is a secure, robust, and functional application that is supported not by a single programmer but by the collective experiences of hundreds of expert developers.

We create Android applications for different domains. Whether you want it to track of your business operations or to keep in touch with clients, our team is prepared to develop your ideas into a solution that will run on Android phones and other devices. We have expert analysts who can break down your needs and create a design of an application that will specifically answer to those needs. Our developers can pick up the design and return an app that perfectly suits your requirements.

We Understand Our Clients' Needs Better

At Concept46, we put our clients' needs above all else. Android keeps the cost of mobile devices down by providing a free and flexible platform where every developer can work. Since we don't pay royalties to use the Android technology, we pass the savings to our clients by developing cost effective Android applications.

We are experts in matching our development methodologies with the clients' needs. We listen, we assess the needs, we offer a solution, and we develop that solution using the best tools available to Android programmers.

We understand the need of quick development, yet we balance this with the effectiveness of every Android app that we develop. We treat every project as special, whether you want a custom app designed from scratch or you need us to modify an existing app, our skilled programmers will give you the highest quality of work at the fastest possible time.

...Are the most attentive and forward thinking team we've ever had the pleasure of working with. I know I can always count on getting top notch development and service at whatever I can throw at them...." - John Milnes, COO, True9, Inc.
Chandan and his team were able to jump into a complex project and make pie out of raw ingredients at a moment's notice. Their steady and calm demeanor, constant availability, and proactive thinking made the project a complete success..." - Corey Szopinski, Principal, Core Industries @coreindustries
I was referred to Chandan and his team at Concept46 and we never looked back. You will feel as if you have established a true partnership with them and it won't seem as if you are just another project to check off the books..." - Justin Collins, Majority Share @majorityshare
I've been working with Chandan and Concept46 for over 10 years and can rely on their expertise and work ethic to get projects done quickly, often far before deadlines, and always flawlessly..." - Mike Trezza, CEO & Founder, Lithyem Industries @lithyem
Reliable programmers that do quality work are hard to find - and I'm very happy to have found Concept46..." - Jon Gordon, President, Coribus Group