Dedicated Development teams Services

A superior development team at a fraction of the cost...

If you'd have the next great idea, setting up a business and finding qualified resources to work on your idea can be daunting. Nitty-gritty tasks like finding adequate office space, interviewing and hiring the right professionals, and acquiring hardware and software quickly drains time and money. That's why your business needs the services of an outsourced dedicated development team.

Outsourcing your product or app development to a dedicated group of developers is a smart move for your business. We provide teams of specialized and hardworking engineering and programming resources. What makes a team like this perfect is the fact that it will match your business objectives and requirements with a balanced degree of monitoring and involvement.

How it works

  • We provide you with a cohesive group of professionals, with skill sets matching your precise requirements
  • You can pick a team, starting with as little as 1 programmer/engineer
  • You pay a fixed monthly fee, no overheads
  • We set up the software development process according to your requirements and control the team based on allocation of responsibilities between your and our managers
  • We provide the team with modern office space, hardware and software infrastructure

What's in it for you?

  • Considerable savings (up to 50% in some cases) as compared to onsite teams
  • The team is engaged exclusively on your project, and cannot be assigned to any other tasks
  • No infrastructure-related costs or headaches
  • Opportunity to adjust team's business hours to your time zone and if you require, even available round the clock
  • Transparency and direct control over hiring and retention of the team
  • Intellectual property rights protection
  • Change requests are much easier to make. You can change priorities, requirements, and other project details at will and without any problems.

Geographical boundaries don't matter any more. The collaboration between you and your the offshore team will be kept seamless through chat, email, voice and video. That leaves you free to concentrate all your efforts on what you do best and leave all technical aspects to us.

Choose a partner that's right for your business. Get in touch.

...Are the most attentive and forward thinking team we've ever had the pleasure of working with. I know I can always count on getting top notch development and service at whatever I can throw at them...." - John Milnes, COO, True9, Inc.
Chandan and his team were able to jump into a complex project and make pie out of raw ingredients at a moment's notice. Their steady and calm demeanor, constant availability, and proactive thinking made the project a complete success..." - Corey Szopinski, Principal, Core Industries @coreindustries
I was referred to Chandan and his team at Concept46 and we never looked back. You will feel as if you have established a true partnership with them and it won't seem as if you are just another project to check off the books..." - Justin Collins, Majority Share @majorityshare
I've been working with Chandan and Concept46 for over 10 years and can rely on their expertise and work ethic to get projects done quickly, often far before deadlines, and always flawlessly..." - Mike Trezza, CEO & Founder, Lithyem Industries @lithyem
Reliable programmers that do quality work are hard to find - and I'm very happy to have found Concept46..." - Jon Gordon, President, Coribus Group