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Nothing has come close to breaking iPhone's dominance over the the smartphone market since Apple released it in 2007. The same is true for iPad's hold on the tablet market. The massive popularity of these two mobile devices offers great advantages to developers of iPhone and iPad applications.

Both iPhone and iPad run on iOS, the proprietary mobile operating system from Apple. One of the advantages of creating applications for either of the two devices is that they will work on both. Developers who create applications for iPhone can expect to sell the same apps to iPad users and vice versa, giving good developers more incentives to release iOS apps.

Other advantages of iPhone and iPad applications:

  • More people use iPhones than any other smartphone
  • iPad dominates the tablet market
  • Quality of applications are of a better standard
  • iOS is more stable than other mobile operating systems and also provides better voice support

Apple iPhones and iPads pack a lot of power compared to other competing devices, so the biggest challenge to application developers is how to maximize their uses.

Why Us?

Concept46's experience in developing fresh and exciting iOS apps can help your business to develop apps that users will actually love to install on their iPhones or iPads. We don't develop just any app; we take our clients' needs and create a solution that often exceeds their expectations.

Our solutions, from designing iPhone and iPad apps to uploading them into the App Store, take advantage of the latest updates from Apple. We use the latest development kit, install the latest fixes, and implement the best design methodologies to give our clients the best possible mobile apps. More importantly, we create iPhone and iPad apps that give the user a better overall experience in terms of design, responsiveness, appearance, and stability.

We constantly explore the best features of iPhone and iPads, not letting what other developers are doing dictate our work, by creating apps that exploits the maturity of iOS as a mobile operating system. This gives us the opportunity to create cutting edge applications that take advantage of the newest devices.

You want your iPhone and iPad apps to be the best. Settling for anything less will reflect poorly on your company and drive clients away. We understand your business and consider your failure or success as our own. As such, our primary concern is to create the best iPhone and iPad apps for you; anything else is secondary.

...Are the most attentive and forward thinking team we've ever had the pleasure of working with. I know I can always count on getting top notch development and service at whatever I can throw at them...." - John Milnes, COO, True9, Inc.
Chandan and his team were able to jump into a complex project and make pie out of raw ingredients at a moment's notice. Their steady and calm demeanor, constant availability, and proactive thinking made the project a complete success..." - Corey Szopinski, Principal, Core Industries @coreindustries
I was referred to Chandan and his team at Concept46 and we never looked back. You will feel as if you have established a true partnership with them and it won't seem as if you are just another project to check off the books..." - Justin Collins, Majority Share @majorityshare
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