Mobile Development Services

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Nearly half a billion people use smartphones today. All of these devices need mobile apps. Are you ready to supply this need?

The market for mobile applications is larger today than at any other time as more and more people ditch their old phones in favor of the more powerful smartphones. The move into mobile computing is taking place everywhere - finance, education, businesses, health - and this is only bound to grow in the coming years. This exodus opens up limitless possibilities to enterprising individuals and businesses that are quick to take advantage of this trend.

Don't get left behind. Customers are now taking their activities into mobile computing, shopping and connecting with other people through mobile applications, relying less and less on more conventional way of doing business. You're competitors, realizing the great opportunity, are all jumping at this new development by feeding the users with continuous stream of mobile applications.

Don't just follow what your competitors are doing, take the initiative and get ahead of the competition. Simply releasing a mobile application is not enough. Remember, thousands of apps are released every day but only a select few hit the jackpot. You must aim to create an application that your client would want to use.

Creating a mobile application that users will embrace is both a challenge and an opportunity. We at Concept46 relish this challenge and love the opportunity to give our clients the edge by creating mobile applications that their own clients will appreciate. We specialize in mobile application development and social media services. Our extensive experience in eCommerce is a great tool in integrating mobile applications into business practices.

We understand the clients' needs better than anybody. We don't just create mobile apps, we connect business with their clients. Our creative team can help you develop mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry, and other platforms. We offer Open Source and commercial solutions depending on the needs of our clients.

Why Us?

Our experience in developing mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms allows us to offer simple solutions to the complex needs of our clients. We value feedback and make user's satisfaction as our priority in our development process, taking care to cover every needs and making sure that we eliminate every mistake.

What you'll get

  • Realization of your ideas - from concepts to the App store
  • Mobile applications that are fresh, aesthetic, and easy to use
  • Mobile app social media integration
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Valuable technical support for your released app

We value partnerships with our clients more than anything else. Drop us a line and get a free estimate.

...Are the most attentive and forward thinking team we've ever had the pleasure of working with. I know I can always count on getting top notch development and service at whatever I can throw at them...." - John Milnes, COO, True9, Inc.
Chandan and his team were able to jump into a complex project and make pie out of raw ingredients at a moment's notice. Their steady and calm demeanor, constant availability, and proactive thinking made the project a complete success..." - Corey Szopinski, Principal, Core Industries @coreindustries
I was referred to Chandan and his team at Concept46 and we never looked back. You will feel as if you have established a true partnership with them and it won't seem as if you are just another project to check off the books..." - Justin Collins, Majority Share @majorityshare
I've been working with Chandan and Concept46 for over 10 years and can rely on their expertise and work ethic to get projects done quickly, often far before deadlines, and always flawlessly..." - Mike Trezza, CEO & Founder, Lithyem Industries @lithyem
Reliable programmers that do quality work are hard to find - and I'm very happy to have found Concept46..." - Jon Gordon, President, Coribus Group